Scholarships are available to applicants from the UK who satisfy the academic criteria of the College of Europe. That includes an ability to study in both English and French. Full details can be found on the admissions pages of the College’s  website.  Candidates should be ordinarily resident and with a permanent address in the United Kingdom.

goudenhandApplicants for the College from the UK who are short-listed are interviewed (usually in London every March) by the UK Selection Committee for the College of Europe. A representative of the Fund is among its members. Scholarships are offered to those successful candidates who in the opinion of the Fund’s Trustees are most deserving. Therefore interested candidates should  be ready to justify their need for such financial support.

The address of the College of Europe’s Admissions Office is: 

College of Europe,
Dijver 11,
BE-8000 Brugge,
Tel: +32 50 477 111
Fax: +32 50 477 110


Online applications for the academic year 2020-2021 are now open and close on 15 January 2020. Please see the College of Europe website for details.

“The language and negotiation skills I developed in Bruges, as well as the comprehensive understanding of how EU institutions and policy making works, set me up perfectly for various roles in the UK Government and now the private sector.”

Emily Murrell, BRUNAT Scholar 2011-2012